Setting up Disguise System

This article covers features which are only available in Livegrade Studio.

Livegrade Studio comes with support for interactive CDL control of Disguise systems. This feature enables you to grade content like a video layer in a Disguise system via a network connection.


You can control CDLs in a Disguise Designer project on a machine in a network you connect to via IP (LAN or Wifi depending on your connection). Make sure there is at least one CDL (or multiple CDLs) set up in your Disguise Designer project. You can choose the CDL you want to grade from a CDL list loaded upon adding the Disguise system to a slot.

Setting up the Connection

Once your Disguise system is running on a machine in your network, you can add the Disguise system as a device to a slot in Livgerade:

  • To do so, you can choose “Slots” in the main menu, “Add Device…”, and select “Disguise System…”. In the same way, you can add the device through the device manager.
  • A window will appear that asks for the IP address of the machine running the Disguise system. Enter the IP address and click “Load CDL List”. You can now choose the CDL that you want to grade.
  • Under “Grading”, you can choose between different ways of sending the look to the Disguise system:
    • “Interactive” for grading the look in the Disguise system interactively
    • “Manual” to upload the look to the Disguise system manually (using the “Upload” button in the toolbar)
  • Click “Add Disguise System” to finalize the configuration.

Device configuration for Disguise system

Note: If you want to control multiple Disguise CDLs, you can add each CDL you want to grade to a separate slot.

Now when you open the device manager in Livegrade Studio by clicking the button “Devices…” on the left side of the Livegrade Studio user interface. The device manager will show a connected Disguise system:

Device manager with connected Disguise system

Livegrade Studio is now able to control the CDL in your Disguise project. You can modify the look using the color controls in the CDL and the Saturation node.

Note: The integration only supports CDL-based look modifications. Consequently, loading a LUT into Livegrade’s LUT node will not affect the look in the Disguise system.

Please refer to the article Color Controls and Grading Modes for more information on grading controls in Livegrade Studio.