Colourlab Ai Integration

This article covers features which are only available in Livegrade Studio.

Livegrade Studio comes with built-in integration for Colourlab Ai (version 1.4 or later).

Livegrade can provide framegrabs to Colourlab Ai for preview and analysis and receive back generated looks as ASC-CDL and 3D LUT.

To grant access to Colourlab Ai application, enable remote access in the remote preferences.

Remote Preferences


By triggering the “Livegrade Grab” command within Colourlab Ai, the current frame in the currently selected slot of Livegrade is sent as an ungraded still image to Colourlab Ai. After auto-matching and grading a shot within Colourlab Ai, the “Livegrade Push” command lets you push back your grade from Colourlab Ai as ASC-CDL and 3D LUT into the currently selected slot.

Please refer to the Colourlab Ai documentation for further details.

Note: Looks received by Colourlab Ai work in the grading modes “CDL and LUT”, “CDL Advanced” and “ARRI CAP Compatible” only. Other grading modes will be reset to “CDL and LUT” when a look is pushed from Colourlab Ai.