The Shot Library


In LiveGrade Pro v3 the rows in the library have been representing “Looks”, with aspects of look presets mixed with aspects of a production history of looks. In LiveGrade Pro v4 all information from a slot is stored in LiveGrade Pro’s library as one “Shot” (as one row in the shot table). This table is now called the “shot library” in LiveGrade Pro’s v4.

The shot library with bin and folder outline

Shots are stored in bins, and bins can be grouped in folders. You can organize folders within folders to create a project hierarchy, similarly to Silverstack. Selection of bins and folders behaves recursively: Selecting a folder shows the shots of all the bins and folders in the selected folder.

The primary actions for lists of shots are:

  • Export look metadata of selected shots as CDLs or lookup tables
  • Create shot reports as PDF from a bin or folder
  • Export a bin or folder to Silverstack’s automatic look matching feature.

The primary actions for single shots are:

  • Apply the shot’s attached look of a selected shot to the current slot
  • Use the shot’s attached still frame or movie clip as a reference (e.g. split screen) in the current slot
  • Output the shot’s attached still frame or movie clip to HD-SDI (either in the current slot or permanently in the library slot)

All actions are available through context menus (right-click) or main menu entries / keyboard shortcuts. PDF reports are now customizable, the selection of columns in the report follows the selection of columns in the shot library.

Shot Info Panel

The right panel besides the shot library has three tabs: One for the shot details, one for look presets, and one for the history.

The Shot Info shows detailed information about the currently selected shot and a preview image. You can resize the preview image by resizing the right panel.

Shot info panel