Using Automatic Naming Schemes

Different metadata information can be added to each grade through the Grade Library panel. Adding this information can be helpful to identify your grades and to automatically match them to clips using Assimilate Scratch.

When these grades have to be exported, Livegrade offers the possibility to name them using a combination of the metadata fields. This way, grades can be easily identified along the post workflow. The naming schemes are also available when saving grades or exporting the LUT package. You can learn about the general export process from the article Exporting Grades.

In order to export a look, go to “File > Save selected Looks as…”:

Figure 1: Exporting a look

Figure 1: Exporting a look

A dialogue will open showing the destination options, format options and Naming Scheme:

Some wildcard presets are shown (figure 2), but you can create a custom file naming scheme by clicking on “Custom” in the drop down menu. After clicking on the appearing button “Customize…” , the naming scheme editor window will appear:


figure 4: naming scheme editor

Figure 4: Naming scheme editor


Here you can edit the naming scheme by replacing the original wildcards with the available ones. Simply drag and drop them on the «Name» box to create the custom name. However, have in mind that Livegrade can only use information already added to the grades, otherwise a placeholder will be written in its place. You can see if a grade has a certain information in the «Availability» column.

Note: wildcards are usually separated by an underscore sign «_». In addition, a forward slash «/» can be used to create a folder structure. Here you can see an example:


figure: using underscore

figure 5: result of using an underscore sign


figure: using a slash

figure 6: result of using a slash sign



In addition to the information above, you can take a look at a very comprehensive video created by Assimilate to understand the use of Livegrade grade in Scratch:


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