Supported LUT formats for export

LiveGrade Pro can export looks to a broad range of LUT formats.

LUT export is independent from the current grade mode, following formats are supported:

    • Pomfort LiveGrade (33x33x33, RGB order, .cube file)
    • Adobe Speedgrade (32x32x32 3D LUT, .cube file)
    • Assimilate Scratch (32x32x32 .3dl file)
    • Autodesk Lustre (33x33x33 .lut file)
    • Colorfront OSD (17x17x17 .3dmesh file)
    • DaVinci Resolve (33x33x33 3D LUT, .dat file)
    • DigitalVision Nucoda (17x17x17 .cms file)
    • Filmlight Baselight (32x32x32 .cube file)
    • REDCINE X PRO (33x33x33, rgb order .cube file)
    • BlackmagicDesign HDLink Legal to Legal (17x17x17 .cube file)
    • BlackmagicDesign HDLink Extended to Extended (17x17x17 .cube file)
    • AJA Lut box (17x17x17 .cube file)
    • Convergent Design Odyssey (17x17x17 .cdlut file)
    • Panasonic Varicam (17x17x17, rgb order .vlt file)
    • Teranex Mini (33x33x33, rgb order, with float values RGB full range, .cube file)


You can export multiple grades at the same time in LiveGrade:


1. Just simply mark multiple “Grades” (see fig. 1)with the shift key on your keyboard.You can also make your selection without using your keyboard. Simply hold down your left mouse button and make selection.

Figure 1: Selecting multiple grades


2.Under the Menu “File” select “Save selected Looks As…” (see fig. 2) or you can use Shift+Command+S as keyboard shortcut.


Figure 2: File menu


3. Select your desired export format and naming scheme (see fig. 3) for further usage.

Figure 3: Choose the export format



4. Choose your desired destination on your hard-drive and hit “Save”.



Please note: The documentation is currently in transition from LiveGrade Pro version 3 to version 4 and may not be up to date yet.