Frame Callback on FSI BoxIO devices

Display Still as Frame Callback:

Livegrade supports Flanders Scientific’s “Frame Callback” functionality, built into FSI BoxIO LUT boxes.

You can display a shot’s graded still image (or thumbnail frame from a recorded movie) on any connected BoxIO device via the library menu or the contextual menu of a selected shot in the shots table.

Display Still as Frame Callback on

The BoxIO icon in the slot UI shows an “/FC” icon as overlay indicating the active frame callback status. You can toggle the frame callback on/off to compare a still with your live image in the contextual menu when right-clicking on the BoxIO icon. 

Slot UI with enabled Frame Callback


Grade Still as Frame Callback:

For advanced workflows, you can enable “Grade Still as Frame Callback” in the devices preferences. This option adds additional “Grade Still as Frame Callback on” menu items allowing you to apply, re-grade, and update looks from shots via the frame callback mechanism.

“Grade Still as Frame Callback” displays a shot’s graded still image (or thumbnail frame from a recorded movie) on a connected BoxIO device and applies the look to its slot. You can then edit the look and update the shot using the “Update” button in the toolbar or the associated menu items and controller actions.

Note: If you choose to apply a look of a shot via frame callback, the current look in the slot will be overwritten and not be restored after disabling frame callback again.