Using the Curve Editor

The curve editor allows you to precisely grade your footage.

  • To add a point just click on the curve, and in order to modify it’s value just drag and drop.
  • To remove a point simply move it out of the curve editor’s window.
  • When you move your mouse over the curve editor, the graph shows you the value of the exact point where it is.

Note: it’s possible to load 1D LUT files by using the 1D LUT node, as described in the article Grading Modes in LiveGrade.

In LiveGrade you can find two types of curve editors:

  • CDL mode curve editor:
Figure 1. CDL curve editor

Figure 1. CDL mode curve editor

    • It lets you modify all points freely
    • You can change black and white points


  • Alexa mode curve editor:
Figure 2. Alexa mode curve editor

Figure 2. Alexa mode curve editor

    • Fixed black and white points
    • Template curve with Alexa’s default tone map
    • “Approximate Curve” button to reset your modifications