Exchange Settings

Livegrade allows to export and import global settings and project settings to exchange them with other users or to transfer them to other machines.

Which Settings Can Be Exchanged?

Project settings:

  • Folder Structure
  • Record Folder and Media Folders
  • Label Preferences
  • (Titles for ) Custom Fields

Global settings:

  • Video Router Configurations
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • MIDI Controller Mappings
  • (Custom) Column Layouts
  • (Custom) Smart Groups Layouts
  • Custom Clip Identifier
  • Slot / Device Configuration
  • Global and Slot Metadata Layout

Export / Import Settings

To export or import project settings go to the Livegrade application menu and select “Settings > Export… / Import…”:

You can specify the individual settings to be exported after clicking on “Export…”:

Export Settings

Click “Export” to save the .plconfig file containing the settings information to the selected destination.

The export and import settings windows are symmetrical hence you can choose which content to write to the .plconfig file as well as which content to import from a .plconfig file.

Import Settings