Livegrade Pro 5.4 Beta

Pomfort currently develops updates for Livegrade Pro. Selected customers now have the chance to preview and test the latest beta version.

What Is New in Livegrade Pro 5.4 Beta ?

New Media Storage System:

  • Project-Based Media Management: The record folder is now configured per project (so that changing the record folder when switching projects is no longer needed)
  • Record Folder Table: A table in the recording preferences with columns for “Volume Name”, “Path”, number of “Files”, and “Last Used” allows you to keep an overview of your project’s media
  • New Project Window: Set a project’s record folder directly on project creation in the “New Project” window
  • New Default Directory: “Livegrade Media” in ~/Movies/ is the default parent directory for project media (and replaces the legacy directory “LiveGrade Recordings”)
  • Unique Folder ID: A JSON file containing an UUID within a record folder allows unambiguous identification (so that copied, renamed or moved directories can be added to the project again and offline media files reconnect immediately)

Media Status:

  • Online/Offline Media Status: Improved UI indicates the media status of shots (online/offline) in the shot library and the media folders table
  • Reconnect Media: Offline media instantly reconnects if you add a matching record folder again (even if the folder was renamed or moved in Finder)
  • Progress Bar: Monitor the status of running media import/export tasks in a progress bar with estimated time indication

Sharing Look Archives:

  • PFLA from Smart Groups: Export and import look archives from smart groups allows to exchange only relevant shots
  • PFLA with Media: Share your project (or folders/bins/smart groups), including hi-res media, with other units or transfer your work to another machine or project
  • PFLA Export Options: Export a look archive with references to the current media folder or with copies to a new media folder
  • PFLA Import Options: Import a look archive with media by copying the media into your project’s record folder, or by importing looks only (without media)

Improved Slating:

  • Slating System: Choose a “Slating System” (Standard/American/All) to show only relevant menu items for editing the slate info
  • Scene Letter: Enable the “Scene Letter” option to append a letter on “Increase Scene” actions automatically (e.g., increment “5” to “5A”) 
  • Skipped Characters: Choose characters to be skipped when incrementing the scene, shot, and take fields
  • Overflow Incrementing: Incrementing fields with letter-postfix now use the overflow system (e.g., “Z” to “AA”, etc.)
  • Additional Menu Items and Actions: More options to edit the slate info of global metadata fields from the menu or using a Stream Deck Controller (“Increase”, “Decrease”, and “Reset” entries for all slate info fields and more)

More Info in the Knowledge Base

Read the following knowledge base articles for further information on the new features:


Click here to download Livegrade Pro 5.4 Beta

The beta is available until the official release. Beta versions are not suitable for productions. A valid Livegrade Pro license is needed.

System Requirements: Intel Mac with macOS 10.15 or higher.

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