How do I activate my license?

After purchasing a product in our web store, you will receive both an email as order confirmation and a product licensing email which contains a License Key.

Generally the license key – e.g. for Silverstack – has the following format:


If you have not received these emails, please contact

Activating your license

Make sure to download the latest version of the software here. If you have used the trial version before, it is not necessary to de-install it before using the full version.

Activate your license by manually entering the license key into the License Manager which can be found in the main menu. To enter the key, click “Add License…”.

Please be aware that you have to be connected to the internet for activating your license.

Please contact if you experience any problems to activate your license key.

If you want to switch your license from one machine to another, please see the following article.

Check your license activation status

You can check if your license is currently activated and on which machine it is activated on in your Pomfort Account. To learn more about the Pomfort Account, click  here.