How do I activate my license?

After purchasing a product in our web store, you will receive both an email as order confirmation and a product licensing email which contains a license key.

Generally the license key – e.g. for Silverstack – has the following format:


If you have not received these emails, please contact

Activation modes

All customers with a yearly subscription to one of Pomfort’s desktop applications can choose from two different activation modes that allow them to use a license, depending on their individual preferences.

1. Standard License Activation Mode (default)

The standard license activation mode is the default mode for all types of licenses, including our temporary licenses. The standard license mode requires internet access for initially adding and activating the license. As soon as you have added the license on one computer, it’s active, and you can use the application until the expiry/renewal date without internet access. Using the license in the standard mode means that it can only be added and activated on one computer. Switching it to another device requires removing the license from one machine in order to add and activate it again on a different machine.

2. Daily License Activation Mode

The optional “daily license activation mode” allows to use your license on different machines on different days. It renews the license activation every day, and therefore internet access is required at least one time per day. A license used in the daily activation mode can be added to the license manager in our desktop applications on multiple devices at once. After activating the license on one machine, this license can not be activated on another device on the same day. After one day, the machine will automatically extend the license activation for another day if it’s not turned off or put into sleep mode. Otherwise, the license can be activated again on another computer the next day. Of course, it is also possible to manually deactivate the license to activate it on a different device instead of waiting until the next day.

Selecting your license mode

You can select your license mode in your Pomfort Account. Go to the tab “Licenses” to see your active subscriptions. All licenses that are yearly subscriptions now show their “Activation Mode.” If you like to change the license activation mode choose “Manage Activation Mode” to adapt your selection. Please ensure that the license you want to change is not in use on any machine, indicated by INACTIVE in the upper right corner of the license card. Therefore the license should be removed from each license manager of your desktop application on all your devices.

Adding and activating your license

For both activation modes: Make sure to download the latest version of the software here. If you have used the trial version before, it is not necessary to de-install it before using the full version.

Activate your license by manually entering the license key into the License Manager, which can be found in the main menu. To enter the key, click “Add License…”.

Please be aware that you must be connected to the internet to activate your license.

Please contact if you experience any problems to activate your license key.

If you want to switch your license from one machine to another, please see the following article.

For daily activation: After adding a license with the daily activation mode, you are asked to activate it if the license is not in use on another computer. If it is available, you can activate and deactivate the license anytime in the license manager. The two possible states of a license with daily activation mode are indicated in the table, which means a license is: “Active” or “Inactive.”

License Manager showing all licenses of the machine

Checking your license activation status

You can check if your license is currently activated and what machine it is activated on in your Pomfort Account. To learn more about the Pomfort Account, click here.