How do I upgrade my existing Silverstack license?

If you own a Silverstack subscription and would like to upgrade to Silverstack XT or Silverstack Lab, you can do so any time during the subscription period.

Upgrade from Silverstack to Silverstack XT

If you decide that you would like to upgrade your Silverstack yearly subscription to a Silverstack XT yearly subscription, please contact us at

The upgrade will be done manually by the sales team via a prorated refund. This means that you will receive a refund for not using Silverstack in the current subscription period, and will be billed accordingly for the rest of the time in which you are using LiveGrade Pro.

Upgrade from Silverstack or Silverstack XT to Silverstack Lab

If you would like to upgrade your existing Silverstack or Silverstack XT subscription to Silverstack Lab, you can do this yourself with the automatic upgrade form.

Please note that only subscription licenses can be upgraded to a different version of Silverstack – temporary project licenses cannot be upgraded.