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What options do I have when purchasing LiveGrade?

LiveGrade is offered as a yearly subscription and as a temporary license especially intended for single projects. LiveGrade yearly subscription LiveGrade is available as a yearly subscription for LiveGrade Basic and LiveGrade Pro in our web store. For the different features of LiveGrade Basic and LiveGrade Pro, please see the feature list . The yearly licenses are […]

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How can I purchase a License for my IS-Mini?

The IS-mini device is only supported by the Pro version of LiveGrade. In order to use an IS-mini with LiveGrade Pro, it is necessary to purchase an IS-mini device license file. The IS-mini device license file is provided by Fujifilm Corporation, but you have to acquire it within LiveGrade Pro.     In addition to the […]

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Why is LiveGrade subscription-based?

This subscription model allows us to better calculate development cycles and gives us the opportunity to release updates more frequently and on a continuous basis. That way we can be more responsive to our users’ requests and don’t have to put feature requests on hold until the next big release. With the subscription model you […]

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How do I upgrade my existing LiveGrade license?

If you are already the owner of a LiveGrade license, you can upgrade to LiveGrade Basic yearly subscription or LiveGrade Pro yearly subscription by purchasing an upgrade license in our web store. If you are unsure of which upgrade license you will need, feel free to contact us at

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What are the system requirements for using LiveGrade?

LiveGrade runs on macOS 10.9.5 or higher. LiveGrade is based on the latest of macOS technologies, thus we cannot support earlier versions of macOS X. Also, we are not planning to port LiveGrade to other operating systems in the near future.   Due to current events: IMPORTANT COMPATIBILITY WARNING Do not upgrade your system to the latest […]

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How can I manage my LiveGrade subscription?

After you have signed up for a subscription, you will receive an order receipt by email that contains a personalized URL. This URL points to your subscription page where you can monitor the billing history, change the payment method and cancel your subscription. If you don’t have this email at hand or are encountering problems with […]

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