How can I purchase the software?

Our software products Silverstack, Silverstack XTSilverstack LabLivegrade Pro, and Livegrade Studio can be purchased through our web store. 

The web store uses the latest technology to keep the online ordering process secure and your data protected.

After your purchase in the web store is completed, you will receive your licenses keys immediately in a separate email.

If you are interested in one of our apps, please refer to the App Store. You can download PocketControl on the app store here.

Can I purchase my license another way?

You can also place an order via email to We will confirm that order, asking you to pay the upcoming bill via bank transfer or PayPal. After the receipt of payment we will send you the license code for your ordered software product. Please note that payment via bank transfer can sometimes take a few days, so you might not receive your license key immediately.

Are you part of an organization or company?

Then your purchase order may be faxed or emailed. It is important to include your email address for receiving your order confirmation and license numbers.


Fax: +49 89 3303 5712

Are you a student or part of an educational institution?

To support the education of young film technicians and also their educational institutions – like high-schools or academies – we offer an EDU discount for enrolled students and educational institutions. For more information on the EDU discount, please contact us under