Pomfort Account: Online License Management

In the Pomfort Account you can manage your licenses online. Review the license status of all licenses purchased under a specific e-mail address and easily track e.g. license expiration dates, renewal dates or the current activation status of your yearly subscriptions or temporary licenses. 

This article will help with the following topics

  • How can I create the personal login to access my Pomfort Account?
  • Which information can I see in my account?
  • Using a custom License Location / Hostname
  • Emergency License for Subscribers
  • Troubleshooting

How Can I Create the Personal Login to Access my Pomfort Account?

Purchasing a license for Silverstack or Livegrade qualifies you to create your personal Pomfort Account. It is not automatically created after the purchase but requires only a few manual steps:

  1. Go to https://pomfort.com and click the account sign in the upper right corner to access the Pomfort Account login page.
    You can access the login page also directly through https://account.pomfort.com
  2. Click “Create New Account”
  3. Insert the email address your license(es) has/have been purchased with and enter a password.
  4. After sending the form you will receive an email with an activation link
  5. Activate the account through the link and log in on https://account.pomfort.com with your credentials.

To change your password click “Reset Password” on the login page and fill in your e-mail address in the following page. After submission you will receive a link to create a new password for your account.

Which Information Can I See in my Account?

The core of the Pomfort Account is the “User Licenses Overview”.

It is separated in three sections that hold different types of licenses:

  • Subscriptions: This section shows all your subscription licenses.
  • Project Licenses: This section shows all your project licenses (e.g. 14-days or 1-month licenses)
  • Other Licenses: All other licenses that do not fall under the above are listed here.

The “User License Overview” gives you a comprehensive overview by showing a unique license card for each of your licenses. Each license card contains detailed information about the license status.

For subscription licenses this is in detail:

  • Subscription Status: Shows whether your subscription is
    • Running
    • Cancelled
    • Expired
  • Activation Status: Gives feedback about the activation of the license key in an application and can display
    • Active: The license is activated on a machine.
    • Inactive: The license is not active on a machine and can be activated for the product.
  • License Key is the unique key that can be used to activate your product
  • License Location / Hostname: Identifier for your machine that can be sent through the License Manager of the applications (see section License Location / Hostname )
  • Machine Hardware ID: Each license can only be activated on one machine. The hardware ID is transmitted to the license server on activation. This can help to identify the active machine for the user.
  • Subscription Renewal Date: The date the subscription will renew for the next yearly period.
  • Manage Subscription Link: This link brings you to the manage subscription page in the Pomfort online store to show the billing history, edit subscription details such as payment method or address, or cancel your subscription.

For Project Licenses there are only small differences. Here’s an example:

Instead of the renewal date for subscriptions, project licenses show an expiry date after first activation.

  •  License Status: Show whether your license is
    • Not in Use: License has not yet been activated.
    • [Empty]: No status is shown as soon as the license has been activated.

Besides information about your license, you also have access to all software downloads in the “Downloads Overview”.

The Downloads Overview is separated in 4 sections:

  • Your Downloads: Here you can see all direct software downloads that are available for you. What you see here depends on which active licenses you own in your account. By clicking on “Start Download”, you can download the software immediately, without entering any further information. In this section you will always download the most recent version of the software. Older software versions can be found in the changelog or in the “Older Downloads” section further down.
  • Free Trials: This section shows you all free software trials that are available for you. By clicking on “Start Free Trial”, you will be taken to a separate signup form, where you can start your free trial.
  • Tools: In this section you can find useful tools for your daily work, such as Pomfort Seal Verify.
  • Older Versions: If you are looking for older versions to work with (e.g. because you are working on an older OS that is not supported in the new versions), you can find the right version for you in this section.

Emergency Licenses for Subscribers

We’ve experienced that customers sometimes need a functioning license immediately, but cannot access their regular license due to various reasons.

To cope with such situations and to bypass possible extended solving times due to time zone differences, subscribers are now eligible for creating a personal emergency license.

How to Issue an Emergency License

Click the  link at the bottom of the license card to reach the license troubleshoot page:

On this page you find detailed steps to solve the license issue. If that should not be possible an emergency license can be created by clicking on the “Issue Emergency License…” button.

The following restrictions apply to emergency licenses:

  • Only subscribers can issue emergency licenses
  • Limited number per subscription period
  • Valid for 5 consecutive days from moment of issue

Using a Custom License Location / Hostname

Since Silverstack and Silverstack Lab 6.3.3 and LiveGrade 3.9.3, a custom license location (host name) can be transmitted with the activation of a license. This host name will be shown on the license card in your Pomfort Account in the “IN USE ON” section and can help to identify the machine a license is active on with a descriptive name.

When activating a license key simply fill in your preferred host name in the “License Location” text field:

Additionally the hostname can be altered for all installed licenses by clicking the “Edit Location..” button and filling in a new preferred host name:

After setting the license location in the application you can refresh your browser window with the Pomfort Account to see the license location name appear in the license card of the activated licenses.


This section holds an FAQ on the Pomfort Account and possible common problems that might occur.

Why don’t I see my Licenses?

In case you logged into your account and do not see the expected license(es) please verify if the following is true:

  • You have bought the licenses with the same e-mail address the Pomfort Account is registered to. Only licenses bought with this e-mail address are shown.
  • The expiration date of the license is no longer than 2 months in the past. Licenses that expired more than 2 months ago are automatically removed from the license overview.
  • You received a proper license mail for your purchase.

If all of the above is true please contact sales@pomfort.com .

I bought my licenses under different email addresses but want to see them in one Account ?

It is possible to manually merge licenses that have been bought with different email addresses to one address and therefore one Pomfort Account login. Please contact sales@pomfort.com .