Why are Silverstack and Livegrade products subscription based?

The subscription model allows us to better calculate development cycles and gives us the opportunity to release updates more frequently and on a continuous basis. That way we can be more responsive to our users’ requests and don’t have to put feature requests on hold until the next big release.

With the subscription model you always have access to the most recent version, without any additional costs.

How does the subscription work?

When signing up for a subscription, you will pay a yearly fee for using the software. Exactly one year after purchase, the subscription will renew automatically and extend for another year. When the license is renewing, the yearly fee will be billed automatically via the payment method you provided. If you prefer to not have the subscription renew, you can turn off the automatic renewal any time during the subscription period. The license will then simply expire one year after purchase, without renewing.

You can check the status of your subscription by logging into your Pomfort Account