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Can I keep my data from the trial version when I upgrade to the licensed version?

Yes, the library and all your preferences created during the trial will remain the same in the licensed Silverstack, ClipHouse, LiveGrade or LiveGrade Pro.

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Real-time performance of filters in Final Cut Pro 7

If you want to get real-time performance of filters in Final Cut Pro (e.g. DSLR Log2Video, Alexa Look2Video, SLog2Video etc.) you need to meet following requirements: The timeline is set to the correct parameters (e.g. correct ProRes settings). The setting “Realtime Unlimited” in the “System Preferences” (or “Playback Controls”) is switched on. The real-time settings are correct (as […]

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Customized Keyboard Shortcuts

You can customize all keyboard shortcuts that are defined in the Silverstack menu by using the keyboard shortcuts preferences of Mac OS (figure 1). An overview of all default keyboard shortcuts can be found in this article. In this step by step we will setup the Clip “Playback” function from the “View” Menu topic of the […]

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Updates, Services, Feedback

Updates Updates to the Silverstack application will be automatically delivered through the built-in update mechanism. If a new update is available, Silverstack will notify you and ask for permission to install the update. To check if the automatic update function is enabled, go to Silverstack > Preferences.. (figure 1) > Updates (#1). There you also […]

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Sampling Pomfort applications

There are some occasions were you have a rare combination of hardware and software that might not go hand in hand with a pomfort product. We are approving and upgrading our software to reduce those kind states. In case you get unexpected behaviour or an unresponsive with one of our products please file us a […]

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Prevent Final Cut Pro X from copying files to local Movies folder

Final Cut Pro X by default copies all the clips you import into the FCPX events folder in your local Movies directory. To keep your files on other locations e.g. external disks or network shares you have to disable copying. To disable copying when transferring from Silverstack to FCPX do the following: Choose any event […]

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Migrate a license from one computer to another

You can move a license of a Pomfort product from one computer to another. This may be useful if you move from an older Mac to a new model. There are two activities involved: Unregistering the license from the old computer and registering the license on the new computer.   Please note, that you need […]

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What documentation is available for Silverstack?

For mastering your first steps within Silverstack please refer to our Quick Start Guide. The application was designed with a strong focus on easy usability, so the rest should be self-explanatory. Nonethelesss, If you got any questions please use our contact form.

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How reliable is the clap detection, and how does it work?

Pomfort’s clap detection software (built into MovieSlate) listens for loud clap noises, coupled with a specific movement pattern. When used in combination, this detection is quite good. You can choose to enable either or both the audio and movement clap detection. Note that you may experience false positives in some locations as Pomfort’s clap detection […]

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